Next Meeting:          WEDS    MAR  27,  2019     at   7:00 pm   at

          BELLERIA Pizza Shop, 8485 Market St, Boardman  {new location}

      For Summer Meetings at Shaker Field:   Alternate Meeting Location if Rain:  Rt 14 / Rt 7 Truckstop in Columbiana.

Come early, Bring a plane to fly, and BS with the guys !

Notices:  none.  Meeting agenda: 

2019   Meeting Dates:   JAN 30,  FEB 27,  MAR 27,  APR 24,  MAY 29,  JUN 26,  JUL 31,  AUG 28,  SEPT 25 ?,  OCT 30 ?,  NOV 27 ?,  DEC No Meeting ?

     Note:   October, November, and December meeting dates .... To be verified, due to Holidays.  Stay tuned for updates....

THANK YOU to those who served as Officers and Groundskeepers in 2018 !

Items for Sale ???   Contact Webmaster to Post on the Hanger page ....  Got Pics to share ?  Send via DropBox to Webmaster on Contact Page...

  RESTRICTIONS  ON  FLYING  DATES  ...  as of  Jan 07,  2018      Absolutely NO Flying on These Dates At Shaker Field:

And any other days there are festivals at Shaker Woods.....................Links to Events provided for your convenience.  Disclaimer:  We assume no liability

for content provided in 3rd party websites, or for possible viruses, malware, etc, that may be on their servers, that could infect your system. 

2018 _  Watch for updates - tentative dates posted below:   I will footnote dates that are confirmed, After Jan 15, 2018

JULY  22 - 23 [ ? ]    SHAKER WOODS OUTDOOR EXPO.    SAT - SUN   http://www.shakerwoodsoutdoorexpo.com/ 

AUGUST   SAT & SUN, 3 WEEKENDS:    12 - 13, 19 - 20, 26 - 27.   http://www.shakerwoods.com/     SHAKER WOODS FESTIVAL.

​​SEPT  09 - 10.  SAT - SUN.   ANTIQUES  IN  THE  WOODS  FESTIVAL.   http://www.antiquesinthewoods.com/

OCTOBER 14 - 15  and  21 - 22.    CHRISTMAS IN THE WOODS.    View this on FaceBook  only.   Norton Anti-Virus indicates the direct website may

     contain malicious software that may harm  your computer.  DO NO ACCESS THIS WEBSITE:    www.ChristmasInTheWoodsOhio.com

     FaceBook Link:    https://www.facebook.com/Christmas-In-The-Woods-255701995992/   <-- Link appears to be safe....

CHECK THE WEBSITE REGULARLY to View any Dates or Times flying may be restricted.  

Please advise webmaster should something arise that needs to be updated or posted.


N O T I C E:

Members should have received the updated CONSTITUTION and BY-LAWS via email.  If you did not, contact Webmaster@MCmodelClub.org.   These are now posted on the  website JOIN page.

To post photos of club events or everyday flying, send them via eMail or DropBox to webmaster { WebMaster@MCmodelClub.org. }



The Last Wednesday of each month @  7:00 pm @ SHAKER FIELD, Columbiana OH

       APR  -  SEPT  2018

​See MEETING LOCATION tab for location details, and alternate meeting site in case of rain.
Come Early, Bring A Plane to Fly !      New Members or Potential Members Welcome ! 

Come early and bring a plane to fly !  New Members welcome to come and explore joining our club !
In case of rain:  We meet at the truck stop restaurant at the corner of Rt 7 and Rt 14.


The Last Wednesday of each month @  7:00 pm  @  BELLERIA Pizza Shop, Rt 7 {8485 Market St}, Boardman OH

       JAN - MAR  2018   &   OCT - DEC 2018

{ Need I say, don't bring a plane to fly ! }    Come Early !   Get something to eat & Enjoy the company of your fellow club members !



BELLERIA  PIZZA  SHOP     7:00 pm  03.27.19

8485 MARKET ST,  Rt 7,  Boardman OH

Note:  Eat 'N Park Closed earlier this month...

Watch for potential future changes in meetng location.

Fun Fly Dates [Specific Date TBA]

JUNE  9 2019   SUNDAY

SEPT  21  2019  SATURDAY

 New Members Welcome !

Website Updated:    MAR  17, 2019


Fly The Friendly Skies of Mahoning County                                            AMA Charter 701

 N O T I C E : 

Effective Immediately:   NO DRONE or Quads FLYING AT  SHAKER  FIELD. Ever  !!!

This is NOT the decision of our club.  The Land Owner has informed us that No Drones are to be

flown at Shaker Field, else we risk loosing our flying privileges there.   This applies to Club Members  AND  Guests  [ Non-Members ] who choose to fly at our field.  No multi-rotor aircraft.  Helicoptors OK.

Posted:  04-22-2018.