Fly The Friendly Skies of Mahoning County                                            AMA Charter 701

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NEW  Member Application Process

1]  Fill out Membership Application

2]  Join the AMA [American Model Association].  Membership in the AMA provides Flight Insurance.  See AMA for details.

3]  Attend a meeting, bring your application.  
     See CLUB CALENDAR for Meeting Times, Club Events, Regional Fly-Ins, R/C Swap Meets, etc.

4]  Existing club members vote on accepting your application.

5]  You are considered a NEW Member, if you have not been active in the club for 2 years.

RE-NEWING  Member Application Process

1]  Fill out Membership Application.  Pay your dues by January meeting date.  Dues go Jan 1 - Dec 31 annually.

2]  See Item #5 above if your membership has lapsed.

3]  Maintain active / paid membership in the AMA [American Model Association] for your flight insurance.

4]  Membership in the Mahoning County Model Club signifies that you have agreed to follow all Club Rules &  Regulations, follow all Safety

     measures instituted by the Club and the AMA,  abide by the Club Constitution & By-Laws, both currently in effect and as amended in the future.